Privacy & ethics

Privacy is a central concept for Search & Selection. And it is becoming even more important given the advancing computerisation of data traffic. 

The Search & Selection web-enabled data platform has been especially designed around the concept of deontological and privacy-conscious consulting. Through this online database platform, you can edit and manage your CV and your search profiles with an eye to increasing your career opportunities. Once registered as a member, all communication to and from Search & Selection takes place through this secured one-to-one channel. 

The relationship between the user and Search & Selection is based on respect and trust. We make every effort to earn this trust.
In its contacts with candidates and clients, Search & Selection conforms to the deontological rules of the Federation of Recruitment and selection bureaus.

In good hands

Search & Selection optimally guarantees your privacy, through the exclusive and confidential management of the data you entrust us with. The interactions proceed from assignments Search & Selection receives from clients, and they are looked after by experienced psychologically trained consultants. 

Not one third party is granted inspection of your confidential data without your knowledge. Privacy first. This will undoubtedly make you feel good. And lay the foundation of a long-term relationship, at which we want to build.


On your request, you will receive a login code and a password, so that you, and only you, can modify your data. Obviously, you can alter your password any time. 

You are welcome to update your profile according to your latest career evolutions or new interests at any time. Or to adjust your ‘job search profiles’, so that we can provide you with the most suitable vacancies.

Basically, your data are kept in our database until you unsubscribe. You can do so by logging in, and ticking off ‘I am registered’ under your membership status.

Which data?

If you apply for a specific position, or if you are making an unsolicited application, we need a number of data, such as your name, your address, your private telephone number, your private e-mail address, your date of birth, information about your work experience, your interest in certain positions or branches, your availability, etc.

Although Search & Selection wishes to obtain complete and accurate information, we confine ourselves to the strictly necessary, taking into account the purpose of our activities, namely boosting your career opportunities.

If so desired, you can fill in ‘anonymous’ instead of the name(s) of your employer(s). As an extra feature, our elaborate on-line application offers the opportunity of expressly stating those companies for which you do not want to be taken into consideration.

We do not ask personal information of a sensitive nature, such as racial or ethnic origin, political conviction, religion, health condition, or judicial information. See our diversity charter.

Should, in a particular project, the question of sensitive information present itself, our consultant will personally discuss these data (e.g. health requirements for a certain position) with you.

Internal control

The employees and consultants of Search & Selection who work with confidential information, have knowledge of the privacy laws and rules. Next to displaying professional capability, we expect them to assume an attitude of respect towards candidates and clients. This implies respect for personal privacy.
They are bound by contract to handle these data with discretion.

Search & Selection ensures a strict access control for our staff. For this reason, appropriate authorisation levels are employed for R&S consultants, secretariat and management.

Privacy towards third parties

If you apply for a specific vacancy, your candidature will obviously be given priority. If your profile suits the job requirements, you will be invited for a interview with one of our consultants, who will follow up your application with the appropriate confidentiality.

Search & Selection strives for maximal openness in its communication. In 95 % of the cases, we can mention the name of the client behind the vacancy in our reruitment communications.

Your candidature can also be matched to assignments on the basis of criteria from your on-line CV, or on the basis of your job search profiles.

The contact with our clients always occurs through well-defined contacts in these companies, with whom a contractual engagement was concluded, with special attention to privacy aspects.

We guarantee that your data will never be used outside the domain of HR, with the exception of situations in which we have to keep to legal commitments and in case of an explicit court order.

Which communication?

As a member, you can check several options on your homepage, according to the amount of information and feedback that you expect from us. Your data will solely be used for the services that you select.

My subscription:

  • vacancies in line with my profile
  • training and career info
  • news items

My registration status:

  • I am registered
  • my CV is on-line
  • my search profiles are on-line

If you check off ‘I am registered’, you will be deleted from our database. This happens immediately.

If you are a member, we shall contact you as much as possible on your private e-mail address. Alternatively, we can contact you by letter (to your home address) or by telephone (on your private telephone number).

Respect for your time

Search & Selection fully understands that many professionals lead a busy and hectic life and that they are critical when choosing their intermediaries in career advice. 

Therefore, we will have to earn your interest.
Vacancies that have been filled are immediately removed from our site, and this to avoid useless applications.

In addition, we offer the option 'short application' (5') next to the option 'elaborate application' (25'). So that you can already apply even if you are pressed for time. Later on, you can complete your CV.


Cookies (the placing of small pieces of information in your browser) are solely used for saving your login, password and choice of language. They are used to facilitate your visit to our site.

Apart from that, our software restricts the use of cookies to a minimum, and only saves those cookies temporarily. They are removed as soon as you terminate your session.
You can close off the option 'Cookies’ in your browser. But if you do so, you may lose a number of functions.

Legal context

This privacy statement relates to the law of the 8th of December 1992 safeguarding personal privacy in the processing of personal data, the law of the 11th of December 1998, and the Royal Decree of the 13th of February 2001 (Belgium).

Our database of candidates is registered in Belgium with the Commission for the protection of personal privacy.

Search & Selection is recognised by the Belgian regional authorities. We are also authorised to operate in our field of activity in the Netherlands. In France, a similar recognition does not exist.

Search & Selection is a founding member of the Federation of recruitment and selection bureaus ( Federgon, RS&S), whose deontological code we endorse. For more information on Federation and its mission click here.

Modifications to this privacy statement will appear on this page.

Contact us

Do you have any questions concerning this privacy statement or your privacy situation? Are there any comments or complaints? Are there any alterations you wish to report? Click here.

Or contact us by letter at: 

Search & Selection, Ref privacy,
Koning Albertlaan 79, B-9000 GENT
Tel. 32 9 243.40.80, Fax 32 9 243.40.99

For the ombudsman service of Federgon, click here.

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